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Introduction to Health Part 2: “What You Want is What You Do”

Content Warning: this article contains mention of diet culture and weight loss. Hi everyone, Alivia here again! It looks like you committed yourself to Part 1 of your journey and have graduated to Part 2. I know you are probably saying to yourself that you haven’t done much yet, but plot twist: you have already […]

How to be a Successful Raider

Hi everyone – it’s Alivia with Campus Recreation. Here at Southern Oregon University, providing students with the most quality and fitting educational experience is one of the top priorities. Therefore, while SOU is working to provide for you, there’s some tips and tricks on how you can work toward success for yourself at SOU, as […]

Move-In Essentials

If you are reading this now, you’re probably about to fly the coop and begin your first year at Southern Oregon University. The college experience is full of surprises and unexpected moments, and we’re here to help you control the controllable. You can’t prepare for many college predicaments, but packing all the essentials before Move-In […]

Ashland Go-To’s: Outdoors Edition

Hey all – Alivia here to talk about some of my favorite outdoor areas in and around Ashland, Oregon! The seemingly endless greenery of the Southern Oregon/PNW area definitely goes unmatched. To attend Southern Oregon University and ignore the opportunities of adventure would be an absolute travesty. If you are looking for some outdoor activities […]

Ashland Go-To’s: Shops and Stores Edition

Hey all, it’s Alivia again! I am back with some of Ashland’s best stops and shops. Similar to Ashland’s restaurant selection, you won’t be finding any of your basic stores like Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 anywhere around town. Almost every little shop located in town is unique to not only the area but in […]

Ashland Go-To’s: Restaurant Edition

Hey y’all, my name is Alivia Quitugua, and I have been living in Ashland as a student/athlete here at SOU for the past three years! I have been studying to get my degree in communication, a certificate in marketing and e-commerce, as well as a minor in Spanish. Apart from my academic life, I work […]

If It Isn’t Sustainable, It Isn’t for the SRC

Happy Earth Day, Raiders! Wishing a blissful day to all as we spend the day celebrating this stunning planet we call home! While today may be Earth Day, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend each day appreciating the beautiful Earth in all of its entirety. The SRC staff couldn’t think of a better way to […]

Spiritual Wellness

Part of Campus Recreation’s mission is to create a culture of wellness in the Student Recreation Center and our campus community. Over the next few months, we’ll be examining eight different wellness dimensions and giving you some tips on how to incorporate holistic wellness into your daily life. Our last dimension of focus in this […]