Ashland Go To Shops and Stores

Ashland Go-To’s: Shops and Stores Edition

Hey all, it’s Alivia again! I am back with some of Ashland’s best stops and shops. Similar to Ashland’s restaurant selection, you won’t be finding any of your basic stores like Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 anywhere around town. Almost every little shop located in town is unique to not only the area but in general. Each store has its own vibe and is filled with items you most likely won’t be able to find anywhere else. There is a wide variety of shops, from more high-end stores to the thriftier lifestyle to even a combination of both ends of the spectrum. A casual walk downtown will give off the classic “hallmark movie” town aesthetic lined with stores full of the friendliest people you will ever meet.


  • Deja Vu – This spot is for all the fashion divas out there (you know who you are)! You’ll be able to find designer brands here for a mere sliver of the original price. I love the fact that there are always new items out, so you’ll never have to pick through the same stuff over again. They also pay you for any items you are looking to sell as well. Instagram: @dejavuashland
  • Three Penny Mercantile – Here is a place where anyone can find something they love. They have anything from the classic closet basics to unique finds that will definitely have people taking a second (or third) glance. In addition, there are also cute little buttons, jewelry, and even some old-school records. Side note, the store is a strong advocate for sustainability efforts. Instagram: @threepennymercantile
  • Good & Will – We all know Goodwill is a staple for thrifting. However, this little spin-off shop is for the thrifters going for the high-end looks. A lot of their merchandise is on the nicer side with well-known brands. I have come across a ton of one-of-a-kind finds here at fair prices.
  • Get ‘N Gear – This is a hotspot for adventurers and outdoor life lovers. They have whatever you may need for however you are planning on spending your day in the great outdoors. They have a great selection of comfortable clothes to keep you protected, as well as various outdoor gear and even nature-based transportation choices.
  • The Emporium – If you are looking to redecorate, are ballin’ on a budget, and have a sense of style beyond the basic trends, this place is for you. It is filled with home decor made for the soul searchers and some other clothing items and knick-knacks to pick through.

Health and Healing

  • Sound Peace – There is no time more fitting for self-discovery than your collegiate years, and this place is made for assisting in just that. They have a fantastic variety of crystals, books, jewelry, and more that will surely help anyone find inner peace. Instagram: @soundpeace
  • Emz Blendz Soap Co. – Simply walking through the front doors of Emz Blendz will have your body feeling cleansed. Every product and scent is so natural and pure, and it is definitely a place you’d spend hours testing and smelling everything you can get your hands on. Instagram: @emzblendz
  • Bestow – I genuinely believe the best way to learn how to take care of yourself sufficiently is to take care of a plant. Thus, Betows is a must-go! Here you will find a diverse selection of plants to choose from and fill your home with! Instagram: @sobestow 
  • Bloomsbury Books – A safe haven for the book worms, Bloomsbury has endless shelves stocked with any genre you may be looking to indulge yourself in. Shopping here is all about the experience. There isn’t anything more fulfilling than searching the shelves, finding a book that screams your name, then opening it up for a glance only to close it once reaching the end. Instagram: @bloomsburyashland
  • The Music Coop – Everyone knows music is the key to good vibes, and this place provides those vibes from any era. Their collection of vinyl and CDs goes unmatched, and you’ll never have enough time to go through them. I can promise you that there is something for anyone in any mood there. Instagram: @themusiccoop

Gifts for Any and All

  • Rare Earth – Fair warning, this place is a tad bit on the spendier side of options. However, anything you find there is worth it and unlike anything else you’ve seen. Rare Earth is an Ashland icon having been around since the ’60s. Here you will find hand-crafted furniture and lovely imported decor. Instagram: @rareearthashland
  • Paddington Station – Please do not take this lightly; this is my personal favorite store in Ashland. I simply can’t hype this place up enough. It is one-stop shopping for gifts for the entire family, or a means to treat yourself. They sell everything: toys, kitchen goods, jewelry, home decor, clothes, books, skincare, plus so much more. I have never been bored searching through the store, and I have never been able to leave empty-handed. They always have the most cute, fun, and rare finds. Instagram: @paddingtonstationashland
  • Mountain Provisions – Here is another hot spot for outdoor adventurers. They have the essentials necessary to make the best out of your experiences, including clothing, gear, and equipment. There aren’t many better ways to spend your time in Ashland than exploring all of the surrounding natural beauty, either. Instagram: @ashlandmountainprovisions

Groceries and Treats

  • Artisan Market and Grower’s Market – The markets in Ashland are seasonal; however, they are some of the most quality ones I have ever been to. They’re open in two different locations, one on Tuesdays and one on Saturdays. There’s an amazing assortment of hand-crafted items/art pieces, produce, treats, and food trucks to check out. The best part is that locals hold all the spots, so you’re supporting the community as well. I love how many healthier options for treats they have available! Instagram: @lithiaartisansmarket / @rvgrowersmarket
  • The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – Anything you purchase here has my 100% guarantee to completely satisfy your sweet tooth. Trust me when I say you can never go wrong with any of their caramel-dipped apples. When I was younger, my mom would take me on special dates to share one once a month, so every time I go back, I am filled with heart-warming nostalgia.
  • Ashland Food Co-op – Nothing beats (or beets) Ashland’s local farmers and their produce. It’s fresh, it’s healthy, and it’s hand-picked by the most knowledgeable farmers around. If you want to fill your fridge with nature’s best, the co-op is the place for you! Instagram: @ashlandfoodcoop