Tips for being a Successful Student at SOU

How to be a Successful Raider

Hi everyone – it’s Alivia with Campus Recreation. Here at Southern Oregon University, providing students with the most quality and fitting educational experience is one of the top priorities. Therefore, while SOU is working to provide for you, there’s some tips and tricks on how you can work toward success for yourself at SOU, as well. Below you will find some advice I learned from others or from my own personal experiences in college.

Professors are Your Friends
Personally, one of my favorite things about SOU is the class size. The majority of classes at SOU tend to be on the smaller side which helps in an abundance of ways. This makes it easier for you to create better and more personal relationships with your professors. When professors have minimal students to be responsible for, they are able to answer emails quickly as well as provide you with whatever extended help you may need. Having a smaller class size also makes it less intimidating to ask questions. My advice to you is to make yourself known to all your professors early on each term since it is easier with the minimal other students you have to compete with for attention. Introducing yourself to your professors is especially important if you’re a part of a sports team or any other extracurricular activities. This way they can put a face to the work being turned in and when you’re off at an away game they’ll respect that and help you be successful even while you’re on the road.

Communication + Organization = Success
Going off of what I stated above, early communication with professors is super beneficial in any instance. Getting into the practice of communicating early and often with professors about questions, complications, or anything going on that may be an issue will prove to be immensely helpful. Asking questions often will also make professors aware of how dedicated and interested you are in your education.

Learning how to communicate well will also help you stay more organized. Staying organized and on top of your work/schedule is, in my opinion, the key to being a successful student. With that being said, there is no wrong or right way to stay organized. Everyone has their own special way that works best for them and that way may ONLY work for them, and that is fine! Whether your way is Google Calendar, sticky notes, a planner, or random papers all over your dorm…if it works, it works. Finding an organization technique that works best for you early in your educational career is a must.

SOU Has Plenty of Resources
Finally, use your resources! SOU has some amazing sources for students to utilize for a variety of issues they may be having. The Hannon Library itself has a large number of tutors that can help you with writing papers, math classes, science classes, and more. There is also an IT/computer service desk at the library that could help you with some little issues you may be having. Plus, the IT center can help you out with pretty much any computer problem that could come up. Apart from schoolwork, there are also counselors on campus that are free for students to use whenever they may need them.

Of course, there are many other helpful hints you will be able to pick up from other students and professors, and from mistakes, as you move forward. I know I said mistakes, they will happen, and that is perfectly normal. You should be more worried if you are able to go through your entire college experience without a single misstep. With that, it is also okay to ask for help. Utilize the friendly Ashland community you are surrounded by. If you use the resources that are available all around you, your mistakes will be minimal and probably comical later on in life. I hope these tips help you out a little bit, good luck Raiders!