Move In Essentials At Southern Oregon University

Move-In Essentials

If you are reading this now, you’re probably about to fly the coop and begin your first year at Southern Oregon University. The college experience is full of surprises and unexpected moments, and we’re here to help you control the controllable. You can’t prepare for many college predicaments, but packing all the essentials before Move-In Day can help you feel more comfortable and at home in your new space. Below you will find some dorm room hacks and items to pack to ensure you have the best college hall experience possible.

  1. A Fan – Airflow is crucial in the residence halls. Whether your room is hot, stuffy, or stinky, a fan will always create a more comfortable environment for you to live in.
  2. Extra Storage – Here in Ashland you will experience every season to the fullest. This means you will need clothes for hot weather and extra chilly (and rainy) weather. Extra storage bins and organization helpers for under your bed/in your closet will enable you to keep clothes that aren’t in season close by yet out of the way.
  3. Weighted Blanket – If you tend to be a colder person, this one is for you. The halls don’t always stay the warmest during the cooler months, so a weighted blanket is key for whenever you are relaxing or studying in your room.
  4. Bowl, Cup, Plate, Utensils – When you have leftovers or don’t want to go to the Hawk for food, having some items to eat with and off of in your room is super handy. Each room is equipped with a sustainable microwave and fridge, so some utensils will definitely come in handy.
  5. Electric Kettle – Along with the kitchen utensils, an electric kettle you can plug in to boil water is clutch. Top Ramen is a college staple food, but you can also make tea or other boiled foods/drinks.
  6. Mattress Topper – Beds in the residence halls aren’t always the most comfortable, so a mattress topper can really save the day (and your back). Even thin ones make a big comfort difference.
  7. Bedside/Desk Lamp – While you are coexisting with a roommate, more often than not, one of you will be staying up later than the other. In these cases having a smaller light for late-night studying will help out. The overhead lights don’t have to be on, and you won’t bother your sleepy roomie.
  8. A lanyard – This may sound simple and unnecessary; however, you DO NOT want to lose your room key! Having a key lanyard will help you keep track of your key and always have it in reach. Plus, you can hang your key on the door handle, so you always remember to grab it before you leave your room.

Packing for college may sound pretty stressful or overwhelming, but the best thing you can do is start small and then buy as you go. This will ensure you don’t waste any money buying things you might not need. In addition, starting small will leave you with room to learn what you need as you go…which translates to the college experience as a whole. Plan to grow throughout your entire time in college; that’s the best part!