Learn About Intellectual Wellness from SOU Campus Recreation

Intellectual Wellness

Part of Campus Recreation’s mission is to create a culture of wellness in the Student Recreation Center and our campus community. Over the next few months, we’ll be examining eight different wellness dimensions and giving you some tips on how to incorporate holistic wellness into your daily life. Our next dimension of focus is intellectual wellness.

What is intellectual wellness?
Intellectual wellness is the act of engaging your creative abilities and participating in different mentally-stimulating activities to expand your knowledge and brain function. There are many different ways to increase your intellectual wellness such as learning new things, engaging in your curiosity, using your problem-solving skills, stepping out of your comfort zone, and learning how to respond well to challenges.

You might think that being a college student already counts as working on your intellectual wellness. However, engaging your brain in activities outside of your schoolwork can actually help you destress and refocus. Remember – part of working on your overall wellness is finding balance, being mindful, and taking breaks when you need them.

Tips for Intellectual Wellness

Tips for working on your intellectual wellness:

  • Start a new hobby. This could be anything from cooking, to knitting, to photography.
  • Learn a new language. There are many free apps available (Duolingo is a popular resource).
  • Read a book that aligns with your interests.
  • Watch the news. There are many uplifting news channels out there such as The Goodnews Network and The Optimist Daily.
  • Engage in puzzles or mentally-stimulating games/activities such as card games, Rubik’s cubes, or crosswords.
  • Host a trivia night with your friends.
  • Painting, drawing, and coloring all help boost creativity.
  • Take “mind breaks” to recharge. If you’re feeling mentally exhausted, it might be time to do something mindless like rewatching your favorite TV show.

How can SOU help you improve your intellectual wellness?

  • Head to the SRC and take time off at the Oasis! The Oasis is a relaxation room in the SRC where you can use a massage chair and recharge your mind. Note: the Oasis is currently closed, but will reopen when we can return to normal operations.
  • The Hannon Library can offer research help, tutoring service, and a writing center to help with schoolwork.
  • To find a new job to help you learn new skills, SOU provides job listings on Handshake and through the Office of Career Connections.
  • Join a club on campus. A full list of clubs and organizations is available on SOU Presence.