Campus Recreation Is Focused on Sustainability

If It Isn’t Sustainable, It Isn’t for the SRC

Happy Earth Day, Raiders! Wishing a blissful day to all as we spend the day celebrating this stunning planet we call home! While today may be Earth Day, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend each day appreciating the beautiful Earth in all of its entirety. The SRC staff couldn’t think of a better way to show how grateful we are than reciprocating some love back into a planet. It has given humankind more than we could ever want or need. We’ve never had to ask Earth to take as good of care of us as it does; therefore, it should never have to ask us to return the favor…so let’s talk sustainability efforts!

Here at the SRC, we maintain a number of sustainable efforts throughout the building to help the Earth obtain happiness and health. One of our biggest accomplishments as an establishment is being certified as a LEED Gold building (the fifth in existence at SOU). LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and it includes a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings. This system aims to help building owners and operators be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently.

The SRC is LEED Gold certified

If that isn’t enough (which, of course, nothing ever will be when it comes to sustainability), here are all the other ways the SRC integrates our sustainability values into the building’s foundations.

  • The SRC has a reflective white roof to reduce the urban heat island effect.
  • Solar panel system on SRC and Boat Barn has generated 275.43 MWh of electricity and has saved the amount of CO2 equivalent to planting 3,222 trees.
  • The building uses LED lamps that save energy and reduce the mercury levels found in CFL light bulbs.
  • Lighting meets BUG (backlight-uplight-glare) requirements not to disturb the dark night skies or affect local wildlife.
  • The project has installed sustainable wood, as recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), for over 50% of the total wood cost.
  • Bike and skateboard racks promote alternative transportation and parking lots are equipped with electric vehicle charging.
  • The building is cleaned with Green Seal labeled products, which preserves the indoor air quality of the building for occupants.

A full list of the SRC’s sustainability features can be found on our Sustainability and Accessibility webpage.

As you can see, the SRC holds the safety and health of our lovely Earth highly. We want nothing less than the best for the world that not only provides us with the ability to live but surrounds us with never-ending beauty and wonder. We hope you all have taken some moments out of your day to go out and take in all that is out there for us to appreciate and that you are now inspired to see what you can change up in your own daily lifestyle to help us make sure we can keep Earth as happy and healthy as it keeps us.

If you do feel that little spark of inspiration or you are searching for more sustainable habits to introduce to your routine, please take a look at our Environmental Wellness blog post for some tips and tricks! If you want to learn more about environmental efforts at SOU, check out Sustainability at SOU.

7 Awesome Things about Campus Recreation at SOU

7 Awesome Things about Campus Recreation at SOU

It’s the beginning of a new school year (and the beginning of our new blog), which means it’s the perfect time to introduce Campus Recreation and what makes us awesome! It’s almost impossible to describe everything that the Rec department does in one blog post, but here are seven things you might not have already known about Campus Recreation and the Student Recreation Center.

1. The Climbing Center
The Climbing Center is one of the most impressive spaces in the SRC. At 44 feet, this wall is the tallest from Eugene to Sacramento. The Climbing Center offers bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing. Plus, our wall was designed and built by SOU alumn Dustin Buckthal and his company Vertical Solutions.

2. Netflix and Cardio
Most of our cardio equipment on the fitness floor is connected to a system called Preva, which allows members to sign in to Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more! So, next time you’re stuck in bed in the middle of a Netflix binge, un-stick yourself, come to the SRC and hit “next episode” on the treadmill.

3. The Oasis
College is stressful! Taking time for self-care and relaxation is essential for managing that stress. The Oasis is a relaxation room in the SRC with a massage chair, Bluetooth speaker, diffuser, and plenty of ~beachy vibes~. You can book 30-minute appointments online at or in-person at the SRC.

SOU Student Recreation Center Video Game Lounge

4. The Video Game Lounge
New for fall 2019 is our Video Game Lounge! We have a PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and plenty of games and controllers to check out at the front desk. Challenge your friends to a Super Smash Bros battle or Mario Kart tournament, or blow off steam between classes with Madden or NBA2K. Plus, keep an eye out for video game intramurals happening throughout the year!

5. Outdoor Program Gear Rentals
Didn’t have space in your tiny dorm/apartment to bring your snowboard, tent, paddleboard, and backpack? You can rent the gear you need for almost any outdoor adventure from the SOU Outdoor Program! Student pricing is super affordable ($4/day for a snowboard!), and our friendly Outdoor Program staff will make sure you’re outfitted properly for your adventure.

SOU Student_rec Center Solar Panels

6. Sustainability
Everything we do at the Student Recreation Center is focused on sustainability. Last spring, the SRC was recognized as a LEED Gold certified building. Some other cool sustainability features of the building include solar panels on top of the SRC and the Boat Barn, lighting that meets BUG (backlight-uplight-glare) requirements (meaning it helps preserve dark night skies), and cleaning products that are Green Seal labeled.

7. We Hire Students
Between the Outdoor Program, SRC Operations, and Team Sports, Campus Rec employs over 50 students in a variety of different jobs. If you want to be even more involved with recreation, and get paid to hang out in the most fun place on campus, make sure to apply! Pro-tip, we usually hire most of our students at the end of the spring term for the following year – make sure to keep an eye out on Handshake and our social media for position openings.

You can learn more about Campus Recreation at SOU by visiting, and keep up with new features and programs by following us on Instagram at @sou_recreation, or like our Facebook page SOU Campus Recreation.